Asphalt and Patch Repair


“Asphalt and Patch Repair” refers to the maintenance and repair of asphalt pavement and patches on roads, parking lots, or other surfaces paved with asphalt in the United States. This activity is crucial for keeping road infrastructure in good condition and ensuring the safety of users.

Repairing asphalt pavement is often necessary due to natural wear and tear over time and damage caused by factors such as traffic, weather conditions, tree roots, water leaks, and other external agents. Asphalt patches are specific areas where damaged or deteriorated asphalt is removed and replaced to restore the surface to its original condition.

Steps of pavement repair and patching

The process of asphalt pavement repair and patching typically includes the following steps:



An inspection is conducted to identify areas in need of repair. This may include cracks, potholes, deformities, or any other type of deterioration on the surface.



Before any repair work is done, the surface is prepared by removing the damaged or deteriorated asphalt. This often involves cutting or excavating the affected area.


Base Repair

In some cases, it may be necessary to repair or reinforce the base beneath the asphalt to ensure a solid and durable foundation.


Asphalt Placement

A new layer of asphalt is applied to the repaired area. This can be done using paving methods such as hot mix spreading and compaction.



The newly placed asphalt is compacted to ensure it adheres well and that the surface is smooth and uniform.


Sealing and Finishing

In some cases, an asphalt sealer may be applied to protect the surface and improve its durability. Additionally, final finishing may be performed to ensure the surface is smooth and safe for driving.

Asphalt pavement repair is essential for maintaining the quality of roads and ensuring the safety of those who use them. It also helps prevent more extensive damage that might require a full reconstruction, which would be much more costly and time-consuming.

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